Why Chinese Women Tend To Marry Older Men

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Cross-cultural marriages through on-line dating emerged long ago. Whether you want to seek a tender Chinese wife or a sexy hot Russian bride, the Internet dating services can provide chances to find the lifetime partners from other countries. And according to the successful transnational marriages, you will be surprised to find that there is an obvious age gap between these couples, especially Chinese wives and western husbands. Why? Is it a coincidence? Let’s find it out.
Generally speaking, husbands from western world are ten to twenty years older than their Chinese wives on the average. Why do these Asian women for marriage would like to get married with a foreign guy who is much older than her, even at the age of her father? What is going on in their heads? Or do they just want to marry him because of his money or other benefits? Well, the truth is more like that most women in China psychologically have a father complex. It makes them feel safe and secure to be with older men. Here some proofs on why Chinese women tend to marry older men.

Lack Love From Father Since Childhood.

A number of women grow up in single-parent family with the mother, whose fathers died or got divorced and left these women when they were still kids. They do not know how it feels like to be with the father and want to figure it out to satisfy their original desires. In that case, these Chinese singles are unconsciously longing for the love from father figures in order to make up that incomplete childhood when seeking a relationship with a man.

Hero Worship Or Admiration For Her Father.

You know, father is always a great handsome guy in girls’ eyes. He will kiss her on the forehead by saying “Goodbye, my sweetheart.” He will give her a big hug when coming home and hearing her joyful yelling “Daddy”. He likes to sit with her in the sofa hearing her school things or watching her¬†favorite¬†cartoon after the dinner. And at night he will read her some fairy stories before going into the sweet dreams. All the time spending with her father is one of the greatest moments in her whole life. All her memories about her father are happy and perfect. He’s like a superman, a bravest warrior and hero. He is the man who is willing to do everything to make her happy and asks for nothing back. So when they are seeking a lifetime partner, these ladies prefer to focus on older men who remind them of their fathers. With this kept in mind, you should be released from that concern about why these beautiful Chinese girls like to chat with you since there is big age gap between you and them.

Just Love Mature Men.

Attracted by unique charms of mature men that young men lack. Lots of novels and movies tend to shape the main character to be a mature man who has darkness eyes, an inscrutable smile and mysterious life experience, which make a great effect on the ladies’ views to an ideal match for her life. In some way, they are kind of obsessed with these mature male figures. Just like Jane Eyre feels to Mr. Rochester. So crazy and out of control. Therefore, women in many Chinese dating sites would like to date guys much older than themselves rather than those younger or at the same age.

Frauds Exist

However, you know, there are still some bad guys in the world. Not all the women build up a relationship with men out of love or out of the reasons mentioned above, no matter whether you meet her in your social circles or know her through online dating websites.

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