Traditional Russian Wedding with Sexy Russian Woman

Sexy Russian woman for dating

Russian woman is always described as the hot and sexy female, however, the marriage in this country is not that open as you think, especially marriages of those traditional Russian families. In the ancient Russia, marriages strictly paid attention to the equality of social ranks. The nobles used to marry a suitable match in a high social class rather than the civilians or commoners. And most marriage traditions are still being passed down from generation to generation in the modern Russia. It is a characteristic, complicated and grand ceremony, which involves several procedures.

Matchmaking. Matchmakers are generally talkative middle-aged women who live a life in matchmaking business. They maintain extensive contacts with all kinds of people and are familiar with each unmarried men and single Russian women and their families. Their job is recommending a suitable match to the unmarried man and going to the woman’s family to propose a marriage on behalf of the man, serving as a middleman to make a success marriage. Besides the time for matchmaking is also important. It is said that odd number date is a suitable day to do matchmaking except 13th of every month, Wednesday and Friday. If the Russian lady and her family accept the proposal, the matchmaker will arrange a date for them and mostly it’s in the girl’s house. During the date, both sides can talk about matrimonial matters, such as betrothal presents and engagement date.

Engagement. Close relatives will take part in the occasion. If the new couple are from rich and noble families, they will also invite prestigious and influential people to the party. During the function, hot Russian bride will pass a handkerchief or scarf to her fiance and light up the candle or oil lamp. After that, the engaged couple receive the statue of God, bread and salt from their parents, which means a kind of good wishes from the parents. And then it’s time for exchanging engagement rings. Rings are dropped into goblets which are full of wine, and then the couple exchange the goblets, drink up the wine, get the rings and put it on the finger. When all these are done, their parents can announce their engagement to the guests and then party time begins.

Betrothal presents. It is one of the important procedures. The team sending betrothal presents from the family of the Russian girl to the groom’s family is mainly led by the matchmaker and the bride’s aunts. There are usually five carriages used to send the presents. The first one has the icons of God, samovars, cooking utensils and a boy holding candies and tea packaged with silk. The second one carries Godmother of the bride, who is holding silver dishes and porcelains. The third one is filled with bedclothes. The fourth takes carpets and other furniture. Then in the fifth one sat the bride’s aunts and the matchmaker with a live turkey in her hand. In fact, the richer the bride’s family is, the more betrothal presents are sent and the longer the line of carriages is.

Wedding ceremony. In the very day of the wedding, the bride will receive a jewelry box with veil, headdress, combs, perfume, needles, pins and wedding candles in it. And her mother and aunts will comb for the bride. And then the bride will get herself dressed up and wear the Chapka, a furry Russian hat popular among the beautiful Russian women, and sit beside the God statue waiting for her future husband to take her to the new family. Meanwhile, the groom accompanied by the bestman, matchmaker and other relatives is leading a long line of carriages to the bride’s house and in the midway they may meet someone asking for money, which is also a Russian custom. The bride will be taken to the church, where the wedding ceremony is going to be held. And the rest is almost the same as the religious wedding ceremony in western world.

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