Leftover Women in China Go Online for A Foreign Partner

Do you think it's too old for a 27-year-old single woman to date someone? No way! Women are the most beautiful when they are in their 30's. But you know what? Women in China who are at or over the age of 27 years old and still unmarried are considered to be the "Leftover Women"! Ridiculous, huh? But it's the truth!! So how can it be possible to call a 27-year-old unmarried Chinese woman the "leftover"? Aren't there more men than women in China today? Yes, you're right about the gender imbal...

Oriental Brides Learning English For Love

Chinese dating
Situation Of English Learning In China English is widely used as the second language in many non-English-speaking countries. And also men and women in China have got plenty of opportunities to learn English. Schools open the English class to all the students, which has been regarded as the compulsory course from the primary school to university since decades ago. Watching local English Television programmes, movies and listening to English songs are one of the best ways to have a good command...