Some misconceptions on Chinese Women

Queries from male members told us that some western men may remains curious about Chinese culture (or etiquette) when dating a Chinese woman. And we did discover that they have misconceptions about China, Chinese women and Chnlove.Today, we’d like to clear up the misunderstanding by giving examples.

Here a few of the major misconceptions:

1. All Chinese Are The Same.
An interesting phenomenon – In America, no one thinks that Californians are the same as New Yorkers, or Texans the same as Minnesotans, but for some reason most westerners all assume that all 1.3 billion Chinese think, act and are the same. Why?

In truth there are 56 different specific cultures within China. The Han do make up more than 90% of the total population, but even within the Han culture there are endless varieties of ways of thinking and acting. Every Province, indeed every major city, has a distinct linguistic dialect and numerous cultural variations from all the others.

If you enter a relationship with a Chinese woman from Urumqi, Xinjiang, then you’d better be asking yourself “What does a woman from Urumqi think?”, not “What does a Chinese woman think?”, or you may be sadly unprepared to understand your new mate.

2. All Chinese Women Are The Same
Most cultures and most places in China may be male dominated. But this is not universal, and the exceptions can be surprising. For example, Shanghainese women generally seem to dominate, and Chinese men from other places love to deride Shanghai men for being whipped by their women. In fact, Shanghai men are probably the closest thing in China to us Westerners. And There is a cultural minority in Yunnan Province in Western China, the Muo Suo, which is totally female dominated. The female can have as many males as she chooses, and can discard them at will.

3. All Chinese Women Want a Western Man
Though Chnlove is a Chinese dating site for helping western gentleman to find suitable Chinese women as life partners, we have to admit that not all Chinese women are like to marry a western man. They may be more scared of language difference, cultural conflict than you. Luckily, Ladies in China of Chnlove are interested in Western men for many reasons. For example, they think western men have been well trained by Western women to treat women well. Western men are real gentlemen in their eyes.

Certainly, It is nothing to fear to have these misunderstanding when date a people from a totally different country. Normally, Chinese Ladies know you’re from a different culture and don’t expect you to behave exactly as a Chinese man would. In fact they’re frequently fascinated by the differences between you and themselves and want to know more. In order to actually offend most Chinese girls you’ll have to commit an error in etiquette that is either grossly ignorant or obviously intentional.

Generally, Chinese women and Chinese people greatly appreciate it when you’re obviously attempting to understand and follow their cultural norms, and especially when you clearly respect and even enjoy their way of doing things. Chinese culture dates back 5,000 years or more, and the Chinese are justifiably proud of that, so don’t get involved in little contests over whose cultural practices are “correct” when dating a Chinese woman. If you want to appreciate and enjoy your Chinese Lady’s companionship, always try to view her through her cultural norms, not your own. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong at all in pointing out that “in America (or Britain, Australia, etc.) we don’t do it that way” if you’re clearly doing so to explain or excuse your error, not as criticism of their standards. In fact, these differences will generally be a great conversation starter with your favourite Chinese lady.

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