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Situation Of English Learning In China

English is widely used as the second language in many non-English-speaking countries. And also men and women in China have got plenty of opportunities to learn English. Schools open the English class to all the students, which has been regarded as the compulsory course from the primary school to university since decades ago. Watching local English Television programmes, movies and listening to English songs are one of the best ways to have a good command of this language. Apart from that, ethnic Chinese who were born and grew up abroad return to their homeland and bring back the foreign values and culture, which influences the English learning situation in China. Although all these provide good conditions to learn English, it is a second language for Chinese after all. School English concentrates on training reading ability, so many college or university students can not have good communication with native English speakers. Besides, if someone has no chance to speak English in her life or work, she will not spend so much effort on learning it. Therefore, frankly speaking, there are many Chinese speaking excellent English, but there are much more Chinese speaking poor English or understanding no English.

Misunderstanding Caused By Language Difference

Globalization brings countries closer than before. Immigration, studying abroad, business business trip or personal travelling narrows down the gap between cultures and traditions of different countries and smooths the communication. But sometimes misunderstanding happens partly owing to language barrier. For example, many Chinese women say “I LOVE YOU” to her date after meeting for several times, which confuses the western guys because they have heard a lot about that Chinese ladies are very traditional, conservative and shy. I would like to tell that what they heard is a fact. And the reason for why these women act so passionately and not in a oriental way is that they do not know English well. In their eyes, the sentence “I LOVE YOU” equals that I have a good feeling for you and try to develop a further relationship with you. Yes, it means a little more than “I like you”. In addition, they may have many ideas to share with you, but words fail them, which leads to another wrong impression on Chinese singles. That is they seem to have got no mind of herself. Imagine that, if you have to use Chinese to communicate, how many Chinese expressions you know to tell someone you like her but not love her?

Oriental Brides Learning English For Love

In fact, there are plenty of training centers mainly teaching oral English, providing English courses specially for those who need to improve her English ability at work, who want to pass international English tests to go abroad, or who are meeting western guys and try to remove the language barrier. The fee of the training is relatively high. It generally costs about several thousand RMB, which occupies a great portion of her income. Apart from money, she also has to pay a lot of time to acquire the ability. You know, handling the work, English learning and life well must be not easy. It’s an exhausting work. However, still a great number of China women are trying their best to better their English. And it is almost the same situation in other Asian countries. As a result, if you are in Chinese dating or Asian dating, please cherish her love. Because she has done so much to love you.


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