Leftover Women in China Go Online for A Foreign Partner

Chinese women seeking marriage online

Do you think it’s too old for a 27-year-old single woman to date someone? No way! Women are the most beautiful when they are in their 30’s. But you know what? Women in China who are at or over the age of 27 years old and still unmarried are considered to be the “Leftover Women”! Ridiculous, huh? But it’s the truth!!

So how can it be possible to call a 27-year-old unmarried Chinese woman the “leftover”? Aren’t there more men than women in China today? Yes, you’re right about the gender imbalance in China. However, things are not going in the way as you think here in this Asian country.

At the young age, these so-called “leftover women” are encouraged to concentrate on study in order to get a high-paid job and a comfortable life in future. And then they graduate from college and get a well-paid job as their parents wish, again these Chinese singles are persuaded to find a good husband as soon as possible. But this time the Chinese ladies want to listen to themselves. They have already become an independent, educated and ambitious woman who wants to make more achievements in career and tries to enjoy the single life. So they throw themselves into work, enjoy the leisure of being single and feel no desire of the marriage life.

” Living alone, I can do whatever I like. I can hang out with my good friends whenever I like. I love my job, and I can do a lot of stuff all by myself, like reading, like going to theaters. I think one of the reasons I enjoy my life is that I have many single friends around me, so we can spend a lot of time together.” said by Elissa, a 29-year-old single Chinese woman.

However, a few years later, when they’re turning 30 and their careers become stable, the pressure to get married is getting to the peak for the single ladies in China. The favorite topics in the gathering of friends are no longer fashion and handsome guys, but the marriage life, kids and the poor relationship with their in-laws. They have to lie about work to avoid family parties since the relatives keep asking them the same question, ” Do you have a boyfriend? When will you get married? “. But those are not the most annoying. What bothers the singles the most are phone calls from their concerned parents and blind dates set by them.

“I sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with me. Twenty thousand people and yet I can’t find anyone I like.” according to Lucy Wang, a 32-year-old Chinese language teacher who attended an match-making event to find a boyfriend.

Although there are more men than women in China today, most Chinese guys tend to marry a Chinese woman who is younger, like 24 years old, good-looking, submissive, traditional and less ambitious in career, while these mature single “leftover” Chinese ladies expect her future partner to be a considerate, mentally compatible man. So, in some way, these unwanted, leftover women in China are actually the high quality soul mates for some men.

Facing such an awkward marriage situation in homeland, many single Chinese women decide to turn their heads to the international dating market. Since the mail order brides business emerges and is well developed, international online dating becomes a very popular dating way today and it helps many longly singles to find their special one!
” I think love has no boundaries. It doesn’t matter where we from or what kind of language we speak. The most important thing is we can share the emotions and love each other. So I joined this international dating site called Chnlove.com two months ago and now I’m communicating with a British man, Philip. He’s divorced and has a 5-year-old daughter, but I like him. He seems nice and honest.” Mei shared her international online dating experience.

Labeled “leftover women” in the domestic dating sea, these single Chinese women do not lose their confidence in finding their true love. Instead, they choose Internet dating to increase their chance to meet people and hopefully find a foreign husband online.


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