I Date Asian Singles: How to Get A Beautiful Asian Girlfriend?

Do You Like to Get an Asian Girlfriend?
The beauty of Asian women is attracting many foreign men to see them, date them and marry them. And it’s easier for Western men to meet these beautiful Asian ladies like going to bars that are popular with Chinese girls, Thai girls and Philippines. But the fastest and most effective way should be online dating in this busy society, specially for those who are busy with work and seeking for a serious relationship. Where to date Asian girls? How to attract these Asian sweethearts? Keep reading.

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Old Ways to Hook Up With Asian Women

Where do you used to meet and flirt with sexy Asian women? At work or parties?
Here I collect some traditional dating ways that Western guys use to meet up with Asia girls and women offline. Perhaps you’re taking one of them. So let’s see what they are!

1. Go to bars or clubs that Asian people love to hang out.
Search the internet and find out where are the popular clubs or pubs that pretty Thai girls like to spend the nights. It’s much easier to flirt with an Asian woman in those places, but also remember not to take these relationships too serious. Everybody goes to bars for FUN!

2. Get introduced formally by friends.
If you have a friend or colleague who knows some Asian girls, ask him or her to introduce you to them. Most Asian females are kind and love to make friends. When you get to know a beautiful Asian woman through your friends, it’s not far to make this Asian lady fall in love with you.

3. Move to the China-town.
And then you’re surrounded by Chinese women. Double the chance to meet Asian singles and get a Chinese girlfriend.

4. Work for a multinational company.
This kind of companies will need its staffs to fly over to Asian countries for business a lot. In this way, you can take full advantage of the business trip and find a girlfriend there.

5. Find a job in China, Thailand or Philippines.
Or you can just settle down there and date more young Asian girls before picking out your favorite one to be your life partner.

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Top Sites to Date Asian Singles

Apart from offline dating, cyber dating is also widely accepted! Nowadays people like to date people online because it’s quick and saving much time. There are a couple of popular sites to date Asian girls from China, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. So if you’re looking for a Thai girlfriend, Chinese girlfriend, Vietnamese bride or sexy Philippines wife, you may like to try the following sites.

1. Match.com. It’s the biggest and earliest dating site in the world. And its interface is nice. But it’s not a good choice for many people because it’s too expensive. Besides, Match.com focuses more on Western men dating western women rather than Western men dating Asian women internationally.

2. eHarmony. Most people know this dating site. Although it came to the public later than Match.com, eHarmony has a huge amount of members, playing a significant role on dating business. However, like its rival, eHarmony is NOT offering cheap services.

3. Chnlove. You may guess from its name that this site focuses on Chinese dating. It was built up since 1999 and enjoyed high reputation among its members because it has a high success ratio for western men getting married with Chinese women. But you have to pay a little more patience when dating these girls because they’re very typical Chinese and conservative. You need time to get into their world.

4. Asianbeauties. It’s the biggest rival for Chnlove in Asia area and the ladies are very attractive too. However, it seems to not receive a warm welcome by its members. Scams and frauds make it a bad dating platform for western guys.

5. iDateAsia.com. Unlike the above sites, it’s not that famous. But guys who know this site have high comments on it. It’s devoted to providing a reliable, healthy dating environment for single Western men who are interested in dating girls mainly from Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. If you’re looking for a Vietnamese bride, it should be a good choice.

All of these dating sites are free to sign up and open a profile. But if you don’t have much time to create an account, avoid eHarmony because it might take you 30 minutes to finish that. Try iDateAsia and other three sites, which can be done in a few minutes and then you can browse the ladies’ profiles. So sign up now!


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