Facts About Single Asian Female Dating Old Western Men

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Since online dating service is booming and getting popular, you must have heard a lot about young single Asian women dating older western men and most doubt whether there’s love and affection in the cross-culture relationships and marriages. I can’t be sure of all these international marriages have been built up out of true love ( actually there are no so much true love in the world), but most of them marry at least because they have a good feeling for each other and she/he is proficient to be the lifetime partner. And more and more successful marriages from international dating sites are telling us that dating and marrying someone much younger or older can work and works well.

Why Old Western Gentlemen Like Young Single Asian Female

First, let’s find out the reason why mature western men love dating young Asian women online. It’s very important. If the Thai girls or Vietnamese ladies have nothing appealing to the foreign men, how can they get involved in the marriage with western guys? Thus these Asian women do possess some characteristics and qualities that western women don’t have. In general, what attracts western men can be concluded into two sides, the beautiful appearance of the Asian girls and the good personalities in them. Different culture has different idea about beauty. In the eyes of western men, Asian girls look more gorgeous with the Asian baby face, beautiful smooth skin and petite but sexy body. In reverse, western women also attract Asian men. Besides, Asian females emphasize the moral duties and family values, so they will be good at managing a comfortable home for her husband and family and tend to be more honest to the relationship and marriage. But since these young singles ladies are in their twenties, these energetic, curious, adventurous, flexible young women will surely bring thrill and fun to the western older men. So young single women from Asian countries do have charming features that deserve the love of western guys.

Why Asian Girls Date And Marry Western Old Men

Scores of reasons. Here I conclude a few main once.
# Father complex. Most Asian women seem to lack a sense of security and always want to seek protection from relationship and marriage. And an older man can make her feel more protective and being favored, which reminds her of her father and the parental love. In the Asian countries, people believe that girls will find a husband who has something in common with her father. So it’s just because of the age, the emotional need in these Asian girls.
# Your Western Appearance. Just like I said above, different nation has different aesthetical standard. Western men look taller, stronger and more manly. So aren’t the manly Western men a good match for the feminine Asian females?
# Your Experience And Maturity. What distincts old gentlemen from the young men is the experience, maturity and peaceful mind that time offers. Vivacious young ladies always admire these qualities. The confidence in the western man and his life experience always succeed in winning the heart of a young Asian female. In addition, girls also benefit from being a little girlfriend of old man because they are learning life knowledge that can’t get by schooling.
# To Live Abroad. Yes, I admit that some girls indeed marry girls in order to have a better living condition. In those girls’ mind, the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and other western countries seem to provide a better life for them. They just want to go abroad for a different life although they actually live a related great life in her homeland. So you ask you girl whether this is one of the reason why she marries you before getting her to your country. But I’d say if the girl wants to marry you mostly because she really likes you. As a result, it’s no harm for her to have this reason.
# Want To Have A Big Romance. The Hollywood movies really influence a lot on Asian women. Guys in the films tend to have handsome look, soulful eyes and always act like a hero when his girl, the leading actress is in danger. But they can not contact those movie charming guys, so they transfer the affection to these western old men and seek the romance from the online western guys. I don’t think it’s bad for girls doing that. Girls like dreams and fairy tales.

Is Online Asian Dating Full of Scammers?

It’s also been talked a lot, but I still want to review and summarize it all again. To be honest, scammers and frauds indeed exist in the online dating world. It’s hard for the international dating services or local matchmaking agencies to control and eliminate the hazards of being deceived since it’s about people and love, which is very changeable and hard to define. We sometimes get deceived and hurt by those we regard as best friends. In fact, a great number of international dating sites are still working hard on prohibiting frauds. They dislike scammers either since they bring damage to their image and business.

In a word, never thought online dating is for young people or young Asian girls are for the young men. Once you find out the girl of your type, you try your best to impress her and win her heart with your sincerity and maturity. I’m pretty sure that you’ll find your Asian match soon if you really have your heart in it.


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