dateinasia review is a highly popular site that is 100% free to register. At the No. 2 spot this is quite something. The other free sites reviewed here are and These alternative free sites are simple, with limited features but a high turnover. by comparison is a clean, friendly, highly popular site.’s appearance seems to be designed to appeal to females more than males, and the tag line “Love Knows No Borders” suggests romance and marriage, though people come here for all types of relationships. The demographic here seems to be mostly South East Asia, particularly the Phillipines, and boasts 1,172,805 registered members, so there’s a good chance of getting a date. also clearly caters for Western men who want to hook up with Eastern women, so some may say it falls into the category of Mail Order / Foreign Bride website. If you are interested in that niche, then please see our reviews in the category of Mail Order Bride Websites before signing up with, as some of the more specialized Mail Order Bride sites may suit you better.

DateInAsia has Female members from all over Asia including Malaysia, China, Thailand, Philipines, Indonesia and more, but its Thai women and Filipina women who use the site most. DateInAsia does not have a lot of features, but has the usual basic amenities. You can set up a free profile, fill out personal information about height, weight, job and so on. it’s only possible to upload one picture and it’s automatically cropped to only be a headshot. It is possible to send signs of interest to other members as well as messages trough the sites internal mail system. There’s basic search options based on location, sex and age, but that’s it.

Navigation is easy and hassle free. The adverts are unobtrusive and relevant to the online Asian dating scene. Registration is short and painless and e-mail verification doesn’t take long. Once registered and logged in, your profile becomes your pretty pink home page. This sports your photo, which you can easily manage, and you can edit the profile content at a click. Your tag line is displayed below the photo, along with your user name and country. The quality of members’ photos is not bad, and most profiles have one. However, the profile content is superficial and short.

It is worth noting that for this review we registered a limited profile with no photo to test and browse the site, and weeks later there was no problem with logging on. On the plus side this means it is easy to join, but it raises the question of security, and there is no way to guarantee whether members are genuine. That said, the FAQ page covers the procedure for reporting members for bad behavior, using a reporting member red “stop button”. Guidelines state that if a member has several complaints made against them, they will be banned. It goes on to clarify that whilst allegations are taken very seriously, their system will detect false reports motivated by “revenge and jealousy” and they do not enter into disputes between members. They are not responsible for members being conned by financial scams, and they ban all members who send money to other members, because they believe this encourages scammers. I should imagine that this arises when a man who is not in Asia hooks up with an Asian girl, and sends her the money to fly over and meet him. Using an interesting choice of phrase, says, “Do not come whining to us if you do anything as stupid as that. However, if someone asks you for money and you do the right thing and do not send any, we would like very much to hear from you.”

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